PM Doutreligne

Fall Heads Roll FR Oct05

The FALL – “Fall Heads Roll” (Voxer – français)

Franz Ferd Better  FR Oct05

FRANZ FERDINAND – “You Could Have It So Much Better” (Voxer – français)

Guilty Hearts FR Oct05

The GUILTY HEARTS (Voxer – français)

Miss Alex White FR Oct05

MISS ALEX WHITE & The RED ORCHESTRA (Voxer – français)

Ponys Celebration FR Jul05

The PONYS – “Celebration Castle” (Voxer – français)

Holly FR Jul05

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY – “My First Holly Golightly Album” (Voxer – français)


The VOYEURS (Voxer – français)


The FALL – “The Complete Peel Sessions” (Voxer – français)

Swell Maps FR Mar05

SWELL MAPS – 7″ Box Set (Voxer – français)

BeatUp FR Mar05

The BEAT UP – “Black Rays Defence” (Voxer – français)

Lost Sounds FR Jan05

LOST SOUNDS (Voxer – français)

Jobriath FR Jan 05

JOBRIATH – “Lonely Planet Boy” (Voxer – français)

Cottonhead FR Jan05

STATE RIVER WIDENING – “Cottonhead” (Voxer – français)

Ramones Raw Outta Here  FR Jan05

RAMONES – “We’re Outta Here!” + “Ramones Raw” (Voxer – français)

Flaming Stars Named FR 1104

The FLAMING STARS – “Named & Shamed” (Voxer – français)

Fall Interim FR 1104

The FALL – “Interim” (Voxer – français)

Embrooks Yellow FR 1104

The EMBROOKS – “Yellow Glass Perspections” (Voxer – français)

Dead Bros Herz FR 1104

DEAD BROTHERS – “Flammend’ Herz” (Voxer – français)

Sons Daughters FR Sep04

SONS & DAUGHTERS – “Love The Cup” (Voxer – français)

Cramps Napa FR Sep04

The CRAMPS – “Napa State Mental Hospital” DVD (Voxer – français)

Archie Fur FR Sep04

ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT – “Fur” (Voxer – français)

Morrissey Quarry FR June04

MORRISSEY – “You Are The Quarry” (Voxer – français)

Atom Rhumba FR June04

ATOM RHUMBA – “Backbone Ritmo” (Voxer – français)

24 Hour Apr04

“24 Hour Party People” DVD (Voxer – français)

Rockabilly Clash Apr04

“This is Rockabilly Clash” (Voxer – français)

Man Golden Arm Mar04

“The Man With The Golden Arm” DVD (Voxer – français)

Ponys Laced Mar04

The PONYS – “Laced With Romance” (Voxer – français)

Cole Bros Mar04

The COLE BROTHERS – “When Good Things Happen To Bad People” (Voxer – français)

ADF Bangin Feb04

ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION – “Keep Bangin’ On The Walls” DVD (Voxer – français)

Electrelane Feb04

ELECTRELANE – “The Power Out” (Voxer – français)


FRANZ FERDINAND (Voxer – français)

Corker Conboy Feb04

CORKER CONBOY – “Radiant Idiot (Voxer – français)

Primal Scream Dec03

PRIMAL SCREAM – “Dirty Hits” (Voxer – français)

Robert Wyatt Cuckooland Voxer Dec 03

ROBERT WYATT – “Cuckooland” (Voxer – français)

The Real New Fall LP Voxer Dec 03

The FALL – “The Real New Fall L.P.” (Voxer – français)