PM Doutreligne

The Fall - New Facts - MS

The FALL – “New Facts Emerge” (The Morning Star)

Sam Howard review WB

SAMUEL HOWARD – “Out Of The Shadows” (The West Briton)


The FRETTONES – “Invincible” (Vive Le Rock!)


The FALL – “Sub-Lingual Tablet” (Vive Le Rock!)

Doghouse Knock VLR

DOGHOUSE SAM & HIS MAGNATONES – “Knock Knock” (Vive Le Rock!)


The FALL – “Live Uurop VIII-XII Places In Sun & Winter, Son” (Vive Le Rock!)


LUKE HAINES – “Rock And Roll Animals” (The Bulletin)


The FALL – “Re-Mit” (The Bulletin)


ART BRUT – “Top Of The Pops” (The Bulletin)


JOHNNY MARR – “The Messenger” (The Bulletin)

Madness 231112

MADNESS – “Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da” (The Bulletin)

Gallon Drunk 140812

GALLON DRUNK – “The Road Gets Darker From Here” (The Bulletin)

PiL 290612

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD – “This Is PiL” (The Bulletin)


DOGHOUSE SAM & HIS MAGNATONES – “Buddha Blue” (The Bulletin)

Allo Darlin 180512

ALLO DARLIN’ – “Europe” (The Bulletin)

Lonely Drifter Karen 200412

LONELY DRIFTER KAREN – “Poles” (The Bulletin)

VO 060412

V.O. – “On Rapids” (The Bulletin)

Perry Rose 230312

PERRY ROSE – “Wonderful” (The Bulletin)

Sinead O'Connor 230312

SINEAD O’CONNOR – “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?” (The Bulletin)

Die Antwoord 090312

Die ANTWOORD – “Ten$ion” (The Bulletin)

Leonard Cohen 240212

LEONARD COHEN – “Old Ideas” (The Bulletin)

Balimurphy 100212

BALIMURPHY – “La Déroute” (The Bulletin)

Madé J 270112

MADÉ J. – “Das Rumble” (The Bulletin)

Kate Bush 50 Words 161211

Kate BUSH – “50 Words For Snow” (The Bulletin)

Ersatz GB 181111

The FALL – “Ersatz GB” (The Bulletin)

Sunday Bell Ringers 211011

SUNDAY BELL RINGERS review (The Bulletin)

Dollar Bill 071011

DOLLAR BILL – “I Ain’t Got But A Dollar” (The Bulletin)

Exit International 080911

EXIT INTERNATIONAL – “Black Junk” (The Bulletin)

Blue Mambas review 080710

The BLUE MAMBAS – “Bluer Than You Think” (Brussels Unlimited)

YFOC 200510

The FALL – “Your Future, Our Clutter” (Brussels Unlimited)

Pirato Ketchup 290410

PIRATO KETCHUP – “Speed Surfer” (Brussels Unlimited)

Johnny Cash Folsom Legacy (Bulletin)

JOHNNY CASH – “At Folsom Prison Legacy Edition” (The Bulletin)


FRANZ FERDINAND – “Tonight” (The Bulletin)

King Lee 041208

KING LEE – “Les 400 Blowz de l’Enfant Pavé” (The Bulletin)

Sport Doen 021008

SPORT DOEN – “More Love Songs” (The Bulletin)

Front 242 Moments (Bulletin)

FRONT 242 – “Moments” (The Bulletin)

Fall Heads Roll EN Oct05

The FALL – “Fall Heads Roll” (Voxer – English)

Guilty Hearts EN Oct05

The GUILTY HEARTS (Voxer – English)

Miss Alex White EN  Oct05


Franz Better EN Oct05

FRANZ FERDINAND – “You Could Have It So Much Better” (Voxer – English)

Ponys Celebration EN Jul05

The PONYS – “Celebration Castle” (Voxer – English)

Holly EN Jul05

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY – “My First Holly Golightly Album” (Voxer – English)

Voyeurs EN May05

The VOYEURS (Voxer – English)

Fall Peel EN May05

The FALL – “The Complete Peel Sessions” (Voxer – English)

Swell Maps EN Mar05

SWELL MAPS – 7″ Box Set (Voxer – English)

Beat Up EN Mar05

The BEAT UP – “Black Rays Defence” (Voxer – English)

Lost Sounds EN Jan05

LOST SOUNDS (Voxer – English)

Jobriath EN Jan05

JOBRIATH – “Lonely Planet Boy” (Voxer – English)

Cottonhead EN Jan05

STATE RIVER WIDENING – “Cottonhead” (Voxer – English)

Named & Shamed EN Nov04

The FLAMING STARS – “Named & Shamed” (Voxer – English)

Embrooks EN Nov04

The EMBROOKS – “Yellow Glass Perspections” (Voxer – English)

Flammend Herz EN Nov04

DEAD BROTHERS – “Flammend’ Herz” (Voxer – English)

Interim EN Nov04

The FALL – “Interim” (Voxer – English)

Sons Daughters Cup EN Voxer Sep04

SONS & DAUGHTERS – “Love The Cup” (Voxer – English)

Archie Bronson Fur  EN Voxer Sep04

ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT – “Fur” (Voxer – English)

Moz Quarry EN Voxer Jun04

MORRISSEY – “You Are The Quarry” (Voxer – English)

Atom Rhumba Backbone EN Voxer Jun04

ATOM RHUMBA – “Backbone Ritmo” (Voxer – English)

Sawhney Human Nov03

NITIN SAWHNEY – “Human” (Muzik-Kafé)

Star Spangles Bazooka 011103

The STAR SPANGLES – “Bazooka!!!” (Muzik-Kafé)

Teenage Idols MK Oct03

The TEENAGE IDOLS (Muzik-Kafé)